Testimonials and Stories

Our Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents share their stories.

Tatiana Kline, Esq. – Adoptee

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We are proud to have helped build the Kline Family with their 15 children — 4 biological and 11 adopted (3 of them through our office). Tatiana, who was adopted by the Kline’s at age 4, was a severe burn victim from Haiti and the second youngest adoptee of the family. She finished her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and in 2013 got her law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. She is now a unit head at the San Diego Public Defender’s Office (selected out of 300 applicants). Tatiana wants to “give back” to the adoption community as a means of celebrating how adoption has helped her. For the moment, she is helping people who cannot afford legal representation.


“The Adoption Circle” by Susan Lynn Ferguson – Adoptee, Birth Mother and Adoptive Parent. “NEW”

Eighteen years ago, I contacted Durand Cook when I had an unplanned pregnancy, and not wanting to terminate that pregnancy, as an adopted child myself, I chose to give life instead.

I pursued my education and separated from the birth father – the love of my life. During that time, Durand Cook presented me with an opportunity to work for him as a birth mother advocate. I accepted. Not only did I have the privilege of being a part of something that I cared deeply about, but Durand also helped me to discover the identity and location of my birth mother, Carolyn Connley. The unanswered questions I harbored for all of my life were finally put to rest.

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Susan Ferguson

“From Her Heart To Yours…Birth Mother Tells Her Story” by Susan Lynn Ferguson, Birth Mother and Adoptee.

Susan Ferguson has talked with hundreds of birth mothers and adoptive parents during her 5 years as a Birth Mother Coordinator for the Law Offices of D. Durand Cook. She passed the California State Bar exam in 2002 after graduating from Southwestern University School of Law.

“I can’t speak for all birth mothers or every situation, but I love my life and my family. I don’t know why my birth mother decided to do what she did, but I do know that I’m grateful she did it…I wanted to give back not what was given to my parents, but what was given to me. I wanted to be part of creating a family not by the will of some strange fate, but by my own will.”

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The Courage to Choose” by Allan Rosenthal, MFCT (Adoption Counselor and Adoptee)

To participate in a process that forces a woman to look at all aspects of her life, a life she often would choose to forget or relive, is a very humbling experience. I feel such gratitude to these birth mothers for being such powerful teachers for me and everyone who works with, and supports them through this process. The courage that these birth mother have is often beyond words. It can only be experienced to truly know what I am discussing here.

I am reminded of my own birth mother. You see, I, too, am adopted.

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“A Little of Life’s Magic” by Susan Ferguson, Esq. (Birth Mother and Adoptee)

For years I thought of my birth mother every time my birthday came around. I wondered who and where she was, what she looked like, what she did, if I had brothers or sisters. I wondered if she was thinking of me. Did she remember my birthday?  Many times I thought of how much worse it must be for her that it is for me. How horrible it must be to wonder if she did the right thing, if I had good parents, if I knew I was adopted, if I resented her, if I was happy. Later on in life, it became one of my goals to tell her, in my own words, that what she did was right, that the life she gave me is good, and that I love her for giving it to me.

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